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 Brentford Festival Sunday 3rd September 2017 in Blondin Park

-  Master Crepes who joined us for the first time in 2016 will be serving delicious traditional french crepes    and buckwheat galettes

-  Surrey Ices will be offering ices and soft drinks in two locations

-  Aimeeleas Diner will be happily providing the old favourites, burgers, hotdogs, chicken and chips    

   and hot and cold filled baguettes

-  Steve Lakhani’s burger bar has been with us for ten years and is always popular serving, sausage,    bacon, pulled pork, burgers, veg and chicken

-  Mermaids Marvellous Fishfingers - It’s all in the title wraps & baps for children and adults

-  Fishmongers Kitchen are back with us having taken a year out. Delicious Seafood Paella - be decadent    and order fresh oysters washed down with a glass of cava

-  Non Solo Gelato - Artisan organic ice-cream and sorbets

-  Island Kitchen - Their first venture into the open field delivering freshly grilled Caribbean food

-  Sunjam - Caribbean Food at its best has been with us for at least the last 8 years

- Austrian Sausage Man - Always a popular vendor at our events, situated next to the bar.

- Spartan Cocktail - Its all in a drink

- Monamieat - Hot Vietnamese food wraps

- Dennis Schauman - A regular at the festival serving Caribbean food

- Clive’s Donuts - Just how many varieties can you spot

-  Naughty Roti - The title is a bit of a give-away

- Coffee Bay - The first time with us this year - we are all looking forward to the aromas

  Cup cakes, tea and coffee will be served at the Friends of Boston Manor bar